Year 3

Welcome to the Year 3
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Turtle class - Mrs Bell
Tawny Owl class - Miss Powell
Tree Frog class- Mr Hough
* Website Layout Changes *
From the week beginning 18th May, the home learning tasks for each week will now be organised in subject folders rather than weekly folders.
The weekly tasks for each subject will be dated so look carefully to know which task to complete.
If your child is still completing work that has been set previously to this date then this can still be found by accessing the weekly folders navigation links.
Tasks for each week can be found by clicking on each different subject using the navigation links at the side. If you are viewing the website on a phone or tablet, the navigation links can be found by pressing 'Show Menu'. Then, you can select the individual subjects.
Don't forget to check out the 'Superstars' page to find out who the Star Bloggers and Highest Earners on TT Rockstars are each week.
Sharing Your Work - Holymead Primary Blog
You have worked really hard over the last term and we are really proud of you!
Remember to post any work to the blog when it is complete to share with your child's class teacher and their classmates. Remember to tag your work as well before you submit it.


We love hearing from you and will try and respond to all of your posts. So, please remember to check all of your posts for any comments and respond to them. It is lovely to see you commenting on each other's posts as well. Using the blog is a great way for us to be able to give you feedback and to keep in contact with each other.


Taking photos of work that has been completed in books or elsewhere and uploading these to the blog is absolutely fine.


To access the blog, your child will need to log in using the same username and password that they use for TT Rockstars.

We would encourage families to discuss how they will manage learning at home by:


1) Creating a schedule together about what home learning will be like.

2) Looking at available resources, website and blog to prioritise some tasks for each day. 

3) Plan time to sit down and share learning, what has been achieved and what was challenging.

4) Making it fun - include lots of creative activities and play.

5) Planning a reward system such as a sticker or smiley face chart.


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