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Asher Craig, the deputy mayor, came in to talk to year 5 and 6 in Term 3. She told them all about her role and answered question about the work she does in our wonderful city.
Our annual Film Night is becoming legendary at Holymead, raising money for Caring in Bristol. This is a local charity supporting homeless people in Bristol. So far we have raised over £500! Watch this space for the final total!
UPDATE! We raised over £1000 for Caring in Bristol. To say the charity was pleased would be an understatement. Well done everyone!
We are thrilled to announce, after all out hard work, that we are now a LEVEL 2 Rights Respecting School. The assessors were delighted with what they saw and the conversations they had with the children.
The full report will be online soon but for now here's a snippet of what they had to say.
'It was particularly inspiring to see the way children and staff have enthusiastically embraced a rights-respecting ethos as a fundamental part of their school’s vision and how developing as rights-respecting global citizens is a key part of this. Children were motivated, creative learners, interested in the world around them and keen to make a positive difference.'

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We are a ‘Rights Respecting School’, continuing the work of UNICEF and the ‘Convention on the Rights of the Child’ (CRC).

Holymead Primary School has a strong belief that our children should be aware of their rights as children and have a right to be heard. As well as learning about our rights, we learn that EVERYONE else has rights too. In December we became a LEVEL 1 Rights Repsecting School. This was a fantastic achievement that we are all very proud of.

Representing each class we have our ‘Rights Action Group’ (RAG) who are working hard to ensure that children’s rights are met at our school but also on a national and international level.

Watch this space for what they’re up to next…

You can find out more information about the Children’ Rights Charter at:



UNICEF Children's Rights Leaflet or if you are simply interested in finding out more about Rights Respecting Schools, please visit:

UNICEF Rights Respecting Schools

Please see the link below for more information about the United National Children's Rights Charter (UNCRC).

In Term 1 we collected food for the local food bank over the Harvest period.

In Term 2 we are supporting Children in Need when we have a CrAZy HaIR dAy! Watch this space for what we are sure will be some fantastic creations.

The Rights Action Group are collecting money for the charity War Child this term. So far we have raised a whopping £107 at our cake sale! Amazing!

War Child is a charity that supports children who are caught up in war zones and helps them to rebuild their lives.

We will also be raising money for this fantastic charity during the school Christmas concert and the return of our very popular film night.

In Term 3 we have raised money for Macmillan Cancer Support.

In Term 4 we will be raising money for Bristol Underprivileged Children's Charity (BUPCC). We will be organising a 'Bring a Book Buy a Book sale through the school as well as some other fundraising fun. Watch this space for coming news!

Enjoy some of our cRAzy HaIR dAy photos... raising money for Children in Need.
The Rights Action Group collecting up the food to be taken to the food bank. The food you have brought in will go towards supporting local families in need of help.
If you are a parent that would like to know more about what it means to be a Rights Respecting School, please read the document below.
Film Night was a HUGE success this year! Watch this space to find out how much was raised for War Child.
We are so proud of our Year 6 children who organised a cake sale for Macmillan Cancer Support.They reached their target of over £100 and were thrilled to bits. It is so lovely to see our children take the initiative and organise events like these for themselves. They are already planning their next event. Watch this space...Well done! : )
In Key Stage 1, the children have been raising money for Unite for Sight. This fantastic charity gives examinations by local eye doctors, diagnosis and care for treatable conditions, education, and preventative care. So far they have provided eye care services to more than 2.1 million people worldwide, including more than 94,530 sight-restoring surgeries. To raise money we had a cake sale.
Here is an extract of the letter sent from Unite for Sight: 'The medications and glasses received by patients when we have attended their village also make a big difference. I saw one young boy who could not see the board at school even if he was sat at the front. All he needed was a pair of glasses to make his vision perfect. When he put them on he had a big smile on his face and said "I can see again".'
We're so proud to be a part of this fantastic charity. :)
Campaigns  - Proposed Jubilee Pool Closure
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At Holymead we are concerned to hear that Jubilee Swimming Pool is under threat of closure. Our swimming team, who have benefited from using the pool, as well as the school community are supporting the fight to keep this important community space open.
Our children are already planning to write letters to the Local Authority to make their voice heard and how they feel it will impact them and their community.
See one of our Year 6 reactions to this here: http://holymeadprimaryblogs.net/salamander2016/2017/02/25/jubilee-swimming-pool/
The Year 3 children are learning about their rights through taking home their UNICEF bear. Find out what Brittany and friends are up to and how they are getting their rights on the Year 3 blog!
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In Term 4 the whole school have been learning about SDGS (Sustainable Development Goals).
We have been thinking about what it means to be a global citizen and what we can, as a part of the global community, to make the world a better place.
The 3 dimension of the SDGS are:
•Environment -respect the planet
•Economic – end extreme poverty
•Social – fight global equality
Take a look at some of this fantastic homework from Year 5.
To find out more about SDGS follow this link.
Here are just some of the amazing Sustainable Development Goals homework by Year 5. More to follow....
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Year 6 have been lucky enough to have the Red Cross come and deliver some workshops.
We have been learning about challenging stereotypes about refugees.
We have learnt about what it means to be an asylum seeker, a refugee an internally displaced person as well as what it means to be a migrant.
We discovered that we or someone in our families have migrated to other places and therefore are migrants.
We've been really busy in Year 6 this term. We continued our work  with the British Red Cross today when all of our Year 6 children received first aid training from Becky.
Thank you to our fantastic Year girls for creating a very informative display titled 'Why is Climate Change Important?' It looks great girls! :)
The children in Year 6 have been concerned about the education cuts proposed over the coming years and how it could effect their on-going education.
They read several articles on the subject and considered how it could potentially effect them.
In order to voice their concerns, they wrote to the Education Secretary, Justine Greening, to express their concerns about this important issue.
General Election 2017
Year 6 go to the polls!
As part as out role as a Rights Respecting School and our commitment to pupil voice, Year 6 have been taking part in their very own General Election.
The children listened carefully to manifestos for the Conservative party, Green Party, Labour Party, Liberal Democrats and UKIP.
The children had an anonymous vote and the children counting the votes were carefully invigilated to ensure everything was done above board!  
The results were are follows:
Labour Party           55%
Green Party            23%
Conservatives        10%
Liberal Democrats   9%
UKIP                        3%
Some more amazing Sustainable Development Goals homework. This time from Year 6. More to follow...
Check out this fantastic music video about Goal 5 on gender equality. Well done Maddie and Alayah!  
Check out Megan's AMAZING stop-animation film that tell you all about the Sustainable Development Goal 13 'Climate Action'. Well done!
This news report by Emily and Namu is simply AMAZING! Learn more about the effects of climate change on our planet.
Check out these BRILLIANT Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS) films by Allana, Olivia, Molly and Anna - so clever!

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