Rights Respecting School

We are a ‘Gold Rights Respecting School’, continuing the work of UNICEF and the ‘Convention on the Rights of the Child’ (CRC).

Holymead Primary School has a strong belief that our children should be aware of their rights as children and have a right to be heard. As well as learning about our rights, we learn that EVERYONE else has rights too. 


Representing each class we have our ‘Rights Action Group’ (RAG) who are working hard to ensure that children’s rights are met at our school but also on a national and international level.


Watch this space for what they’re up to next…


You can find out more information about the Children’ Rights Charter at: UNICEF Children's Rights Leaflet 


Or if you are simply interested in finding out more about Rights Respecting Schools, please visit: UNICEF Rights Respecting Schools





Last term, the Rights Action Group organised a sponsored Run-a-thon across the school. They suggested that we should help local families who have been affected by the war in Ukraine. We are so proud to say that we raised over £5500 for the Disasters Emergency Committee! The money was raised by our families and people in the local community sponsoring pupils to participate. Thank you for your support!


Climate Change
The Rights Action Group have been thinking about how we can 'do our bit' to tackle climate change. The RAG took a whole school assembly to take about why climate change is happening and the impacts of this on our planet.
We have been thinking about how we can make a difference in school and at home.
Can you think of anymore things we can do to help?
•learn about sources of reusable energy
•make eco bricks
•go litter picking
•recycle our waste
•make use of rubbish by mending and upcycling
•use green brands and products
•stop using single use plastics
•be careful with how much water we use
•turn off lights and switches when not in use
•grow plants and trees
•talk to friends and neighbours about climate change and what they can do to help
•buying and donating second hand clothes
•taking reusable bags for shopping
•walk, scoot, cycle or use public transport rather than taking the car
Holymead regularly fundraises to support the lives of people locally, nationally and internationally. 

This year, we have raised money for Child of Hope through our Aspirations Day. Child of Hope is a charity that provides free education, healthcare, food and welfare to children and their families in Uganda. We raised a whopping £374!


Watch this space for coming news!

The Rights Action Group challenged pupils to design a mascot that represented Holymead as a Rights Respecting School. 
Look at some of the fantastic entries below!
  • Image result for sdgs
We have been learning about SDGS (Sustainable Development Goals).
We have been thinking about what it means to be a global citizen and what we can, as a part of the global community, to make the world a better place.
The 3 dimension of the SDGS are:
•Environment -respect the planet
•Economic – end extreme poverty
•Social – fight global equality
To find out more about SDGS follow this link.

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