Year 6

Sports Day
Year 6 have been participating in their final Sports Day! Thank you to all parents and carers who have come to support the event!
It has been wonderful to be able to cook with the pupils again. Year 6 made their own spiced Jamaican patties. They were absolutely delicious! Thank you to parents and carers who came in to help us cook.  
Year 6 camp
The children are having an amazing time away at camp and the weather has made their experience all the more enjoyable. Here are some of the photos that have come in so far.
Glastonbury Trip
Year 6 enjoyed a wonderful trip to Glastonbury. After a rather windy walk up Glastonbury Tor, pupils were able to visit Glastonbury Abbey. The workshops were fantastic and pupils relished the opportunity to make their own pilgrim badges.
We then produced our own persuasive leaflets to encourage tourists to visit Glastonbury. 
Year 6 Residential to Croft Farm Water Park
Please find the information discussed in the camp meeting in the PowerPoint below as well as the kit list.
SATs (Standard Assessment Tests) 2022
These will take place  Mon 9th May 2022 – Thurs 12th May 2022
We hope to run this meeting in person early next year but for now please see the PowerPoint attached for more information about the content of the assessments
Year 6 Homework
Homework is now on Google Classroom. 
Welcome to the Year 6 web page
Salamander class - Miss O'Toole
Springbok class - Miss Pick
 Shark class - Miss Elston 
People Group Kids - Free image on Pixabay
Read Book Students Study - Free image on Pixabay
Been reading any great books? Why not write us a review?
Looking for a book to read? Why not get some ideas below. 
Fireborn: Twelve and the Frozen Forest by Aisling Fowler | Waterstones
Year 6 enjoyed their zoom meeting with author Aisling Fowler. Aisling read extracts from her book 'Fireborn' and gave us lots of top tips for writing our own stories. We can't wait to begin reading the book!
Spelling | #220108 Colours and shape. What can you spell?! 5… | Flickr
Keep practising your spellings! 
Why not organise a weekly spelling test at home? 
Year 6 spelling list below

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