Year 6

Year 6 Leavers' Assembly
Have a great summer everyone and good luck for September : )
Hello everyone! 
It has been so lovely seeing you all over the last few weeks and we hope you have enjoyed spending time in school with your friends again.
We're looking forward to seeing you again this week for one last time!
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Welcome to the Year 6 web page
Salamander class - Miss O'Toole
Springbok class - Mr Gould
 Shark class - Miss Elston 
Go to this week's work on the left 
Here, you will find all of your work for this week.
 I point at you illustration | Free SVG
Important blog post: 
If posting things on the blog,  remember to log in (same username/password as Rockstars) this ensures that it says it is you writing.
If you can't log in, don't worry but remember to tag all of your work with your first name/username so we know who is writing.
People Group Kids - Free image on Pixabay
Joe Wicks is broadcasting a live PE lesson everyday. Get moving! 
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Been reading any great books? Why not write us a review?
Looking for a book to read? Why not get some ideas below. 
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Keep practising your spellings! 
Why not organise a weekly spelling test at home? 
Year 6 spelling list below
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