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Salamander class - Miss O'Toole
Springbok class - Mr Gould
 Shark class - Miss Elston 
 Next week is half term. We will provide some work for you to do if you would like to but there will not be daily thunks, Maths and English. Look for the half term page on Monday.
Have a great half term. 

Today's thunk:


Please don't rush the daily thunk.


They are supposed to be questions that require you to think deeply and consider the answer. 


There is never a simple answer to them.


parrots, parrot, colorful couple macaws, macaws sitting on log ... 


What would you get if you crossed a parrot with a snake?


You can draw your answer....


As well as the English and Maths, this week we have science work for you as part of our work on classifying plants and animals.
File:Animals-of-Israel-ver004.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
There are also some PSHC, Spanish and
E-safety tasks. 
Go to this week's work on the left 
Here, you will find all of your work for this week.
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Important blog post: 
If posting things on the blog,  remember to log in (same username/password as Rockstars) this ensures that it says it is you writing.
If you can't log in, don't worry but remember to tag all of your work with your first name/username so we know who is writing.
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Joe Wicks is broadcasting a live PE lesson everyday. Get moving! 
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Been reading any great books? Why not write us a review?
Looking for a book to read? Why not get some ideas below. 
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Keep practising your spellings! 
Why not organise a weekly spelling test at home? 
Year 6 spelling list below
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