Holymead Governors

The purpose of a governing body is to help provide the best possible education for pupils. Governors meet regularly with the Headteacher and staff to decide the school’s aims and policies, and to oversee the efficient running of the school. The governors work in partnership with the school and local authority and have particular responsibility for:

• Setting aims and planning for the future of the school.

• Agreeing targets to raise standards of achievement.

• Ensuring that the curriculum meets the needs of all pupils.

• Monitoring the school budget.

• Staffing issues, including appointing the Headteacher and other staff, and determining salaries.

• Deciding the school’s policies.

• Making sure all pupils have equal opportunities within the school and providing for pupils with special educational needs.

• Ensuring the school site is well maintained, safe and secure.

• Dealing with complaints about the school.

Holymead Primary School Governing Body is made up of three committees. Each committee meets once per term:

1. Finance and Staffing (Chair: Dr Dean Smart)

2. Health, Safety, and Well-Being (Chair: Sam Goss)

3. Curriculum, Standards, and Inclusion (Chair: Astrid Jenkinson)

The currant Chair of Governors is Cheryl Douglass, and you can see details of the Full Governing Body (FGB) in the attached documents. The FGB meets once per term (six times per year):

Are you interested in becoming a governor?

Holymead Primary School is looking for Governors who can bring new skills and expertise to the governing body. Please see the document below, for further information.

If you have any questions about becoming a Governor at Holymead Primary, or Governance in general, please contact the Chair of Governors via office@holymeadprimary.co.uk

Infant Site: 0117 3772381Junior Site: 0117 9030377 E: office@holymeadprimary.co.uk