Year 4


Book Return, Reports and Collecting End of Year Things!


Hello Year 4! 

On Tuesday 14th of July, Year 4 will be doing a final Book Return, report collection, collection of PE kits, lost property and things left in school.

This will be an opportunity for you to return any books that you have borrowed into the quarantine box. 

Parents/carers will also have another opportunity to collect their children's report if you have not been able to do so already. If you are collecting a report on behalf of someone else, please bring something signed to show you are able to take the report.

You will also be able to collect any books and things that would normally be sent home at the end of term as well as collecting your PE kits. 

Please come to school on the day our year group is invited: Year 4 - Tuesday 14th July, 10am -12pm. Please come to the Hub.


We hope to see you all at some point.

Miss Lynds, Miss Morris, Mrs May & Ms Kosir

Home Learning
There will now be weekly home learning for English, Maths and Topic uploaded by Monday each week. Please review the Year 4 tabs for the new resources. Children can work through these activities at their own pace but we have given daily guidance. Work can be completed in their workbooks or posted on your child's class blog page where the teacher will be able to give feedback.
We would encourage families to discuss how they will manage learning at home by:
1) Creating a schedule together about what home learning will be like.
2) Looking at available resources; use the website and blog to prioritise some tasks for each day.
3) Planning time to sit down and share learning; what has been achieved, what was challenging and what could be continued tomorrow.
4) Having fun! Include lots of creative and physical activities and ensure that there is time to play.
5) Plan a reward system. 

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