Birthday Assembly 15th July 2020

KS2 Assembly
Summer Holiday Reading
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Part 1
Part 2
KS1 Birthday Assembly 9.7.20

Mr Jones' KS2 Assembly
Friday 3rd July 2020
The US Women's Football Team and The Gender Pay Gap
The American Women's Football Team are the current World Champions and one of the most successful sports teams ever. So why are they paid less than the American Men's Team?
The assembly has been recorded in 2 parts - please make sure you watch both!
The film clip I used can be viewed using the following link - it didn't record to the end on my assembly clip. Ask an adult if they can view this link with you:
 Click on the link below
KS1 Birthday Assembly - 3.7.20

25th June EYFS & KS1 Birthday Assembly

Mr Jones' Assembly
Friday 19th July 2020
Colin Kaepernick: Taking The Knee
Today's assembly looks back at an assembly I originally delivered in 2017 - if you're in Year 3 you may remember it!
It explores the origins of the 'Take The Knee' protest, which is linked to freedom of expression and campaigns against discrimination.
Please click on the link below to view the assembly.
KS2 Assembly
Perseverance and Resilience: The Cliff Devries Story
26th June 2020
Today's assembly explores how perseverance and resilience are the key to our successes, told thourgh the Story of Cliff Devries: an inspirational diving coach.
I hope you enjoy the assembly.
Please click on the link below.
EYFS & KS1 Birthday Assembly 19/06/20

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