Year 5

Welcome to the Year 5 class page
Finch Class - Miss Dunk
Firecrest Class - Miss Nelmes
Firefly Class - Miss Smith
Throughout the week, we will provide an English and Maths task daily.
There will also be some weekly tasks, including: grammar, spellings, handwriting, comprehension and arithmetic.
Along with this, there will be a Topic activity each Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Then, if you want to be even busier, there will be Science, PSHC, RE, E-safety and Spanish to explore.
You do not need to print everything or even anything - unless you prefer to have the sheets in front of you. We're happy to see your fabulous learning hand written or put onto the class blog. 
Home Learning
We understand that everybody's circumstances are different and that there will be days (or even weeks) when you cannot complete all the tasks available. Please have a go at the tasks and activities which suit your home learning; all we ask is to see the amazing, fantastic work you are able to complete on the blog.
We’ve all had to adapt to new ways of learning and you’ve done an amazing, fantastic job of learning during this time. It’s definitely been a strange and challenging time and it’s okay if you feel a bit wobbly and worried at the moment. But remember, we are here for each other! We may not be in the same building but that doesn’t mean we can’t be there for each other. The class blogs are our means of communication with you so please post and comment as much as you can...
We would encourage families to discuss how they will manage learning at home by:
1) Creating a schedule together about what home learning will be like.
2) Looking at available resources; use the website and blog to prioritise some tasks for each day.
3) Planning time to sit down and share learning; what has been achieved, what was challenging and what could be continued tomorrow.
4) Having fun! Include lots of creative and physical activities and ensure that there is time to play.
5) Plan a reward system. 
***The Shout Outs!***
Friday 22nd May
Well, we have reached the end of the term and we have had some fantastic learning going on! You should all be very proud!

Today's shout outs go to:
Elsie, Bella, Archie and Emilie for fantastic diary entries!
Alex and Szymon for fantastic Maths!
Arcanjo for 1789 correct answers on TT Rockstars this week!
Thursday 21st May
Wow Year 5! There is so much fantastic work going on that it is getting harder and harder to just pick a few people to say well done to!
But here we go
Today's Shout Outs go to:
Alice for her fantastic Banksy picture. Check it out on the Finch blog page! It must have taken ages!
Dariusz for his interesting Science experiments. Why don't you try some of them at home yourself?
Ioan for the detail he has included in his Maths. Have a look and see if you think about how you could label your work next time!
Well done! Keep it up! 
Wednesday 21st May
A Huge well done to the 19 children who have completed their games on TT Rockstars so far this week!
How many more people can we get by the end of the day? 
Tuesday 19th May
Today's shout outs go to:
Janke - For a fantastic copy of Banksy's work. You used a lot of detail! Well done!
Liam - For a great report. You used brackets to give extra information and used speech marks for a quote. Fantastic!
Scarlett - For a super report. You carefully thought about how to present your work and the information included was great! Well done.
Monday 18th May 2020
This is the last week of home learning before half term. What fantastic things will you post on the blog this week? Will your work get a shout out?
Last week's shout outs go to:
Matilda D for a fantastic report - you really thought about the how to organise your writing. Well done.
Kaylin for sharing her fantastic Art - such a variety. Very inspiring!
Violet for a carefully thought out and personal pledge. Fantastic to see how you could link it to other areas of your life!
Keep up the hard work everyone! 
Friday 15th May
Another week completed and still your fantastic work is continuing to happen!
Today's shout outs go to:
Harry for the consistent quality and quantity of work. We also enjoy seeing pictures of Harry reading in different places!
Szymon for putting effort in to all of his work and responding back to comments!
Aurelia for her fantastic thoughts on and inferences on the comprehension task.
Emilie for her fantastic bridge. What a great design being able to open and close it! 
You can see all these amazing pieces of work on the blog. Maybe take a look and take some time today to comment on other people's work.
TT Rockstars:
Most correct answers: Arcanjo with 2504
Fastest Speed: Liam 0.67sec
Star of the week: Leah
Thursday 14th May
Some great work going on in Year 5 again!  
Well done to:
Anna for sharing her amazing camping adventure with us.
Esme for an unbelievable sculpture of Fawkes from Harry Potter.
Arcanjo for a very informative piece about Piggy from Roblox.
Sampson for his fantastic bridge designs and creations.
Scarlett and Ethan for their thoughtful pledges.
Lily for her heartfelt poem to her grandparents.
Leah for her amazing comments on other people's blog posts. 
Keep up the hard work everyone!
Wednesday 13th May
Well Year 5, we definitely have a good understanding of how we can play our part in the Global Goals. Some fantastic pledges today. For some advice on this take a look at the amazing pledges by: Matilda C, Jim, Sam, Finley, Rosie and Ioan.
And there is no end to our talents as we have the next 'Brunels' amoung us: Check out the bridges by Dariusz (he has tested several designs!), Dominik and Filip! Great work boys - well done!
Tuesday 12th May 2020
A big well done to:
Harry for fantastic bridge designs! Great detail!
Filip for his lunch box design - he had thought of everything!
Rosalind for a huge number of interesting facts about Isambard Kingdom Brunel!
Also, well done to: Violet, Kaylin, Marshal, Janka, Bea, Tyler, Yusuf, Elsie, Jacob, Rosie, Matilda D, Szymon, Arcanjo, Anna Maria, Emilie, Jim and Liam for already completing their 5 TT Rockstars games!
Monday 11th May 2020
We hope that you had a nice, long weekend. We have been so proud of all of the effort and work that you have been doing. We are looking forward to seeing what you come up with this week.
Have a lovely day!
Website Layout Changes
From tomorrow, your daily and weekly activities will be posted as separate subjects.
So far we have been posting your tasks in weekly folders however, to make it easier to navigate and find, we will now post your tasks into subject folders. So, when you want to complete an English task: head to the English folder. Or if you fancy some Science: head to the Topic and Foundation Subjects folder. Every daily or weekly task will be dated so look carefully to know which task to complete. Hopefully, this will help finding your tasks that little bit easier.
Thursday 7th May 2020
Well you have been very busy this week! 
Today's shout outs go to the children who have been consistently blogging almost everyday since the start of the lockdown.
Huge well done to:
Reuben R, Ioan, Karol, Matilda C, Elsie, Szymon, Alex, Dariusz and Aurelia!
Keep up the hard work today - we look forward to seeing what you have been doing!
Wednesday 6th May 2020
Another busy day for Year 5!
Well done to Mabel for reaching level 420 on TT Rockstars and moving to the studio!
Fantastic description from Matilda D and a fabulous PSHC poster from Alice!
Filip has been challenging himself with some of the tricky Maths problems - well done!
It was lovely to see some writing from Maddison about her family - keep up the hard work!
Have a great day everyone!
Tuesday 5th May 2020
Well there has been another day of high quality learning going on for Year 5 in and around Brislington! 
Today's shout outs go to:
Jacob - Fantastic story board!
Olivia - Lots of thought and effort in your History work!
Dariusz - Very detailed story board!
Fraser - Super set of instructions; your cake looks delicious!
Jake - What an amazing story you have written!
Ioan - Lots of clear workings for your Maths today!
Keep it up for another day tomorrow! Well done!
Monday 4th May 2020
Welcome to another week. We look forward to seeing what you have been up to!
Can you get your name on the daily shout outs? Will you be on the TT Rockstars Champions at the end of the week? Well done to those of you who have been recognised already for your hard work. Don't worry if you haven't. We have been so pleased with what you have achieved. We just can't choose everyone at the same time!
However, you hopefully have noticed that we have been commenting on every post you put on the blog. Sometimes it will just be a well done, sometimes it will be a question to find out more about the exciting things you have been writing or sometimes it might ask for a you to correct or rewrite something (like DART in school). We would love to see you commenting back to us with a response and commenting on each others work. 
Have a lovely day!
Friday 1st May 2020
Another week of home learning complete and so much fantastic work going on!
The music images posted on the Finch blog page are fantastic! Check them out! You can really see how the music has inspired your pieces of work. It was too difficult to just choose a couple of names!
Fantastic Maths and English work from Tilly! Well done - keep it up!
Great detail from Ethan about his dream holiday as well as some fantastic Maths! Well done!
TT Rockstars Champions so far this week:
Most correct questions: Evie with 930 correct answers
Fastest Speed: Liam with 0.68 sec per question (improvement on last week!)
Most improved: Finley
Star of the week: Arcanjo
Thursday 30th April 2020
We have made it past the middle of the week! Two more days of home learning until the weekend! You can do!

Today's shout outs have a Maths focus and go to:
Violet for completing more than 30 games on TT Rockstars! Fantastic work! Keep it up - you will be moving up those levels in no time at all! Remember the tips we have talked about for example checking the questions you are going to be tested on before you play. 
Emily for fantastic workings in Maths! Amazing! If you found yesterday's Maths tricky, have a look at Emily's Maths on Firefly's blog as it will give you a really good idea at how you can tackle today's Maths!
Liam for challenging himself with his Maths and completing the task for a different Maths Class. There are also fantastic workings here too! What a fantastic attitude to home learning - pushing yourself when you know you will find something easy. Remember there is a challenge available to you everyday!
Have a happy Thursday!
Wednesday 29th April 2020
Another busy day of home learning has passed and some more fantastic posts. Remember - we love seeing what you have been up to so please post on the blog!
Shout outs today go to:
Finley B for reaching level 420 on TT Rockstars and moving to the garage! Well done!
Now who will be next? Alma, Livia and Mohamed A - you are all very close; only a few games away!
Well done Max for a great start to his story. We are looking forward to the next chapter. Check it out on Finch's blog!
William for his fantastic Maths! And the victoria sponge looks delicious! Maybe you can use that to help you write your instructions towards the end of the week? 
Well done to Reuben R for his interesting Art work. We wonder if he will comment back to Miss Nelmes to tell everyone where he got his inspiration!
Elsie, Jacob, Leah, Jake and Rosie for your fantastic RE and sharing your special places with us. It was so interesting to read your reasons why they were special and see some of your pictures!
Keep it up Year 5!
Tuesday 28th April 2020
Wonderful work posted on the website yesterday!
Well done to Jim for a fantastic poem!
Well done to Lily for her cat diaries!
Well done to Ioan for his Maths, Grammar and Reading Comprehension!
Keep it up everyone! 
Monday 27th April 2020
Well come back to another week of home learning. You will find your ongoing weekly tasks and Monday's learning on the tab Home learning Week 27/04/2020. Good luck! Remember you don't need to print anything as you can use your note books or the blog to record your work. We look forward to seeing what you can do!
Shout Outs for Friday's Work
Sarah the challenging Maths she has completed - those tasks look very interesting!
Riley for letting us know what he has been up to during lockdown - you have definatly been busy. 
Archie for lots of fantastic posts - we especially love the picture of the dragon!
Colin for his fantastic Maths - you can see the concentration in the photo!
Keep it up Year 5! We can't wait to see what you do next! Remember we will comment on your work and it would be nice for you to reply to us or even comment on each others work!
Friday 24th April 2020
Can you believe you have completed another week of home learning? It has been so fantastic to see the work you have been completing as well as the other interesting things you have been doing.
Your limericks were hilarious! Too many to choose actual limerick stars!
There were also so many random topics such as real chickens, fried chickens, Pete the Pig, pigs playing football, smelly brothers, horses, cats and sandwiches!
Why don't you take a look at the 3 blog pages and comment on your favourite one!
Nearly two thirds of the year group have completed their TT Rockstars games this week. If you haven't done this yet, today would be a good day to do this!
TT Rockstars Champions so far this week:
Most correct questions: Bea with 1282 correct answers
Fastest Speed: Miya and Liam with 0.72sec per question
Most improved: Elsie
Star of the week: William
Thursday 23rd April 2020
Wow! What a fantastic amount of work going on in Year 5! It was so difficult to choose people for today's shout outs! So we have just chosen a few...
Well done to William for fantastic accuracy on TT Rockstars and answering 885 questions correctly so far this week!
Well done to Karol for the amount of work he completed yesterday!
Well done to Alex for fantastic Maths and PSHC!
Well done to Samson and Harry for your fantastic acrostic poems!
Keep it up everyone! We are so proud of you all! 
Wednesday 22nd April 2020
Here are the Wednesday Well Dones:
Bea, Elsie and Kaylin have completed more than 20 games in the garage on TT Rockstars. Girls, you will be making your way to the Studio in no time at all!
Alice, Mabel and Josh you have created some fantastic haikus. It is so tricky to get the correct number of syllables isn't it?!
Well done to Reuben R, Leah and Josselin for their fantastic Maths work!
Esme we love your silver sloth, Matilda C you have put together some interesting quizzes for people to have a go at and Emily you have obviously spent a lot of time doing your research!
Keep it up everyone - it could be you making the shout outs tomorrow!
Wow! Well done Year 5!
What a fantastic start to our home learning. We have seen some fantastic work going on already! 20 children have completed their set games on TT Rockstar! Keep this up!
Huge well done to:
Szymon for all the Maths work that he has been doing, Elsie for her interesting creature she created and Kudrat for posting about her book.
Fraser for his well presented creature he has created for his island, Aurelia for her effort in the arithmetic test and Evie for her inspirational baking blog.
Finley for his well presented Maths work, Rosie for her carefully though out flag and rules for her country and Emilie for her amazing tips on knitting!

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