Year 5

Finch Class - Miss Dunk
Firecrest Class - Miss Nelmes
Firefly Class - Miss Smith
Term 1!
This term, homework will be available on Google Classroom.
Each week, there will be an English and Maths task.
Your Maths homework needs to be completed in your Maths homework book.
Your English homework can be completed on the Google Doc provided.
Try your best to complete it and remember to tell us if there are any technical issues stopping you from accessing your Google Classroom. 
English and Maths homework will be set on Google Classrooms. Homework will be set each Friday and needs to be completed by the following Wednesday morning. All English homework should be completed on the Google Doc. Whilst Maths must be completed in your squared, blue book and a photo uploaded or book brought into school.
Your weekly spellings will be available on your Google Classroom. A spelling test will take place each week on a Thursday. Along with your weekly spellings, remember to continue to practise the Year 5 and 6 spellings (find the doc. below). 
Times Table Rock-stars
You all have your own login details for TT Rock-stars (they have not changed and are the same as Year 4). You will have 5 games to complete each week; you will have time on a Monday to complete these games but if you wish to complete them at home, please do. Try to practise regularly as the more you practise, the more fluent and accurate you will become.
Your 5 games will take place in the Garage but once you reach Level 420, you'll open up the Studio!
Who will be the TT Rock-stars champions (most improved, biggest earner, fasted speed and star of the week) in your Maths group...?
Our aim is to read at least three times per week. Any reading should be recorded in your Reading Record. Super Readers read a range of genres including fiction and non-fiction. You could read chapter books, magazines, comics, fact books or even information about a certain topic online.
Just remember, if you've read it: record it!
Our PE session takes place on a Mondays and Thursday for ALL classes this term.
You must come to school in your PE kit on your PE day.
Please make sure your PE kit includes: a change of top (plain white, purple or black),  shorts (warmer weather) or joggers (colder weather) and a change of suitable footwear (daps or trainers). If a jumper is worn, it must be a school jumper. 
Please make sure all items of clothing are named. 
Term 1
Each day will include an English and Maths lesson. Then, throughout the week we have a variety of subjects including Science, Topic (Geography for Term 5), RE, PSHC, PE, Computing and Art.
Maths: This term we will be recapping place value and number. Remember to keep practising your times tables at home as they are extremely helpful with lots of Maths' topics. 
English: This term, we will explore a range of writing styles including description, non-fiction writing, advertising and persuasive. Our focus text is Journey by Aaron Becker.
Science: It's all about Forces this term. Hopefully, by the end of our Science topic you will have enough knoweldge to become gravity experts.
Topic (Georgrpahy): We will be exploring the beautiful country of Brazil. 
PSHC: Along with thinking about our mental wellbeing, we will focus on the topic: 'Me In My World'. 
RE: These sessions give us the great opportunity to learn and understand other cultures and religions. This term we will investigate 'Importance of Books' and how they play such an important role in many cultures and religions. 
Home Learning
We understand that everybody's circumstances are different and that there will be days (or even weeks) when you cannot complete all the tasks available. Please have a go at the tasks and activities which suit your home learning; all we ask is to see the amazing, fantastic work you are able to complete on the blog.
We would encourage families to discuss how they will manage learning at home by:
1) Creating a schedule together about what home learning will be like.
2) Looking at available resources; use the website and blog to prioritise some tasks for each day.
3) Planning time to sit down and share learning; what has been achieved, what was challenging and what could be continued tomorrow.
4) Having fun! Include lots of creative and physical activities and ensure that there is time to play.
5) Plan a reward system. 

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