Year 5

Welcome to the Year 5 class page
Finch Class - Miss Dunk
Firecrest Class - Miss Nelmes
Firefly Class - Miss Smith
Please keep checking our page as we will be adding English and Maths tasks for you each day. There will also be three Topic tasks each week. Also, we will keep you busy with some PSHC, E-safety, Spanish and Music tasks being thrown into the mix.  Remember to keep an eye out on the class blogs as we may add some extra tasks there.
The Blog is also the place where you can share all of your creations with us. We check the blog each day to find out what you have been up to so it would be great for us to be greeted by a variety of posts. You can also use the blog to just let us know what you've been up to; we would love to hear how you have been spending your time (it might even give us some ideas of how to spend ours!)
Your weekly tasks will be put onto separate pages to make it a little bit easy to navigate and not get mixed up. To find your weekly tasks: press the 'Show Menu' option and then the weekly work you are looking for.
This week's work can by found by pressing ;'Show Menu' then 'Home Learning - Week 30/03/20'.
And once again, remember to put all your creations, activities, daily experiences onto the Blog to keep us as busy as you! 
Friday 3rd April
Happy Friday everyone! Today should be the last day before the Easter holidays so here are the last few activities to keep you going for today. Today you have English, Maths and the next instalment of your island project.
Have you completed your TT Rockstars sessions yet? So far this week, 53 of you have completed your 5 games (some of you have completed more - well done!). Can we increase this by the end of the day?
We have had a huge increase in the number of children who have posted on the blog this week. Well done to everyone who has posted and well done to everyone who have been completing the tasks in their books! 
After today, it will be time for a break for two weeks. You will  be able to find some ideas for activities to keep you busy during the Easter Holidays on the website. We will then continue to post work daily for you once the holiday is over. Remember you can still keep us updated by posting on the blog.  
Thursday 2nd April
 Happy Thursday Year 5! What have you got planned for today? Remember to keep us updated by posting your work on the blog!
Today's shout outs go to:
Freddie and Finley for posting pictures of their interesting islands. We look forward to seeing how these develop!
Ioan and Josh for their updates about what they have been doing.
Colin for his interesting poem!
Miya for reducing her TT Rockstar speed to under a second!
Keep up it up everyone!!
Wednesday 1st April
A big shout out today to:
Alice for reaching level 420 on TT Rockstars and moving over to the  Studio. Well Done. But also a big well done to Devon and Livia who are  getting so close; we can see how much effort you have been putting in. 
And, great work today from Bea, Alice, Jacob, Amelia and Josh S for posting on the blog today; some fantastic posts everyone! Please check them out and leave a comment.
TT Rockstars Tip: Check which questions you will be tested on, write them out to practise if you need to and if you make a mistake during your minute, don't panic and move on to the next question. When you have a gig remember it will be 5 minutes long so you need to concentrate as it will determine what level you go to. Good Luck!
Tuesday 31st March
A huge WELL DONE to:
Matilda C, Szymon, Mabel and Aurelia for completing the 'fast poem' task!
Ashantiyaa, Liam, Arcanjo and Yusuf who have already completed 20 games or more on TT Rockstars since yesterday.
Keep up the hard work everyone!
Monday 30th March
 Good morning Year 5! We hope you have had a lovely weekend. From now on, we will be updating the website each day with tasks that you can do each day (only on the days that you would be normally be in school!).
Remember to continue reading, practising the Year 5 spellings, playing TT Rockstars and updating the blog. 
A big well done to Ashantiyaa who has reached level 420 on TT Rockstars and will now be moving into the Studio!
Think about commenting on other people's post. A good comment will include: something you like about the post, something that could improve the post and a question.
Friday 27th March 2020
Can you believe it has been a week already? 
Here is one more task to keep you thinking over the weekend: Create a fast poem. 
This can be on any subject of your choice. 
You will need:
1 noun 
2 adjectives
3 adverbs
4 verbs
We look forward to seeing them on the blog!

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