Collective Worship at Holymead

Collective Worship Policy

The 1988 Education Reform Act requires that ‘all pupils in attendance at a maintained school shall on each day take part in an act of Collective Worship’. We seek to do our best to keep the spirit of this legislation by providing as many acts of worship as practically possible.
Collective worship should offer pupils opportunities to:
  •  explore and share beliefs
  •  consider the importance of prayer
  •  experience meditation and silence
  •  consider the relevance of ideas and beliefs to their own lives
  •  think about the needs of others and develop a sense of community
  •  appreciate the importance of religious beliefs to those who hold them
  •  provoke thought as well as a developing sense of wonder
  •  enquire about the world
Please refer to the Collective Worship Policy for further information in our policy section.

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