English Intent Statement


Why do we teach this? Why do we teach it in the way we do?


English is an integral part of education and society. A high-quality education in English teaches children the art of speaking and listening, how to write and communicate ideas coherently for different purposes and how to read fluently with good understanding. We believe that the ability to read and to write is fundamental to our children succeeding; enabling them to access the next stage of their education and beyond. Our curriculum has been designed to ensure that pupils enjoy writing and reading and have passion and enthusiasm for it.


We believe that being immersed in good quality literature develops pupil’s acquisition of a wide vocabulary, therefore expanding and developing vocabulary and allows children to explore and appreciate our rich and varied literary heritage and develop their cultural capital. Our curriculum has been planned to ensure that pupils have opportunities to develop a love of reading. Our aim is to ensure that pupils gain a thirst for reading a range of genres, have the opportunity to explore the language and styles used by different authors and the impact that these texts have on the reader.


Our aim is to ensure that pupils write clearly, accurately and coherently; write in different styles and for different purposes and audiences; develop a wide vocabulary and a solid understanding of the grammar rules and terminology appropriate for their age group. Our curriculum has also been designed to ensure that pupils are able to express themselves creatively using the texts and books that we explore to inspire them.

We follow the 'Unlocking Letters and Sounds' scheme of work to support our teaching of phonics at Holymead Primary School.
Please be advised that the overview document below is the progression proposed by Unlocking Letters and Sounds. In EYFS, we are currently undertaking two weeks of consolidation of phase 2 teaching before starting phase 3 in week beginning 14/11/22. 
Year 1 phonic lessons are following the week by week progression shown. 
Please look at the Year 2 page to see what we are teaching in our phonics and spelling lessons.
Progression of Skills
Support for Spelling.
Recently we have updated our Key Skills Sheets. Each year group has identified the key information that children in each year groups should know and be able to apply in different scenarios. Please take a look at the relevant Skills Sheet below.
Please take a look at our recommended reading lists for each year group. This is in addition to the books the children take home to read.
If you would like further information to support you in understanding the grammatical terms the children are using, follow this link to a glossary.

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