Year 6

Welcome to the Year 6 class page for Salamander class (Miss O'Toole), Springbok class (Mr Gould) and Shark class (Miss Elston).
Welcome to Year 6.
Homework will be given out on Thursday and is due in the following Tuesday. You will be given Maths homework which will include a Maths activity as well as weekly times tables. English homework will consist of a writing or grammar activity, along side your weekly spellings. Spelling test will take place on Tuesday.
Please make sure you are reading a range of texts at least three times a week and recording it in your reading diary and are continuing to learn your year group spellings. 
These are the results of our 2019 Parent/Carer survey.
Please note that these results were collated from our Parents/Carers from our Year 6 cohort of 2018/2019.
On shuffle up day we found out what our new Year 6 pupils were made of by giving them a challenge! 
The focus was TEAMWORK!
Check out these photos to see how they got on.
As part of our Geography topic on comparing localities in the UK and France, Year 6 have been learning to read grid references and work out distances using map scales. 
If you would like further information to support you in understanding the grammatical terms the children are using, follow this link to a glossary.
In this term's Geography topic, we have been comparing Glastonbury in Somerset with Rouen in Normandy France. We have explored maps and taken a trip to Glastonbury too. 
We have been making trebuchets in Design Technology. Trebuchets is a type of medieval catapult which was sometimes used to attack castles. A trebuchet works by using the energy of a falling (and hinged) counterweight to launch a projectile (the missile). 
We tested out some ideas, created out own designs and then began the build. Watch this space to see how they turned out...  
Aspiration Day 2019 
As usual, the children did not let us down with their ideas and aspirations for the future. Their outfits we fantastic. 
Our Geography trip to Glastonbury. We climbed Glastonbury Tor and compared what we had learnt from maps to what we could actually see from the Tor. We also learnt about the history of the Abbey. 
More Glastonbury pictures...
In Music the children have been using the song 'Happy'  as inspiration for lyric writing and playing the recorder.
In History we are studying the Normans. We have been investigating the Bayeux Tapestry and the Battle of Hastings.
Year 6 have been cooking. We made Vegetarian Jamaican Patties. They were delicious! Yum!
Watch this space for the other Springbok and Shark's culinary delights coming this week...
The final trebuchet design 
 Testing the trebuchets 
In Term 2 we are learning about the heart, circulatory system and the importance of keeping healthy. 
In this lesson we created our own 'blood' to learn ll about the different components that are in it such as: red blood cell, white blood cells, platelets and plasma. 
In English we are studying Macbeth. In our first lesson, we created battle scenes from the opening of the play where the Scottish army defeat the Norway Army. In the following lesson, we learnt about the prophecies that the witches give Macbeth and Banquo and their reaction to the witches. Watch this space for more...
More dramatics in our Macbeth topic! 
In music we have learning about the music and career of Carole King. We have also delved into Motown music and analysed the similarities between songs, and particular female groups, in the 1960s. 
Over Christmas Year 6 got creative with our 'Think outside the Box' project. The results were simply AMAZING! Take a look. 

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