Year 3

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As we cannot all be together at school at the moment, we thought it would be nice to continue to be able to look over the lovely activities that have been carried out and the memories your children have made of Year 3 so far.

Welcome to the Year 3 class page for Turtle class (Mrs Bell), Tawny Owl class (Miss Powell) and Tree Frog class (Mr Hough).
In Term 1, Year 3 got to take part in a poetry workshop at West Town Lane. We enjoyed writing our own poems and performing a poem. Each Year 3 class was given a different theme. Tree Frog wrote poems based on colour, Turtle wrote poems based on pirates and Tawny Owl wrote poems about nature.

As part of our work in Art, we made Stone Age necklaces out of a clay. The children enjoyed moulding the beads, decorating them with patterns and painting them. Take a look at a few examples of their finished pieces of jewellery. 
As part of our work in Science in Term 1, we looked at rocks. The children enjoyed creating their own fossils by layering gravel and soil over the top of some clay. Take a look at the process so far.
To immerse ourselves in our 'traditional tales' topic in English, we bought in some fairy tales and from home to share with each other. 
We enjoyed reading some of our favourite books to the Year 2 children who came to see us.
 In Term 3, We took part in 'bring a book, buy a book'. We brought in old books that we had read and no longer wanted anymore and then got to buy a new book that someone else had brought in. It was lovely to see the children so enthusiastic about reading. We are buying engaging new class books with the money we raised.
As part of our science day, in Term 2, Little Zoo came into school to visit us. We got to see an Indian star tortoise, an armadillo, a meerkat, a tarantula and a python. We learnt about endo and exo skeletons and even got to touch some of the animals!
Year 3 thoroughly enjoyed their trip to St Fagans. They learnt lots of new and interesting facts about the Bronze and Iron Age. Have a look at some of the photos from the day below.
In term 3, we thoroughly enjoyed number day. We had a go at solving some problems and played some great strategic maths games.

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