Year 3

Welcome to the Year 3 class page for Tree Frog class (Miss Nelmes), Tawny Owl class (Miss Powell) and Turtle class (Mr Munnnings).

This term, in English, we will be looking at the traditional tale and legend of Robin Hood. We will look at character and setting description and the features of a tradition tale. We will continue to improve our grammar knowledge and use this in our own writing. 

In Maths we will continue to improve our arithmetic skills and our times tables on a weekly basis. We will continue to strengthen our understanding of addition and subtraction, using formal and informal methods. We will continue to look at fractions including fractions of amounts, ordering fractions and adding of fractions. 

In Science we are going to explore forces. We will look at pushing and pulling and how forces act on an object. We will also investigate friction and how it can affect an object's movement. 

RE will involve us looking at different religions and cultures. We will focus on the question 'How do people express their beliefs and identity?'

In Geography, we will explore the 'weather'. We will look into weather in different countries and how it can affect the lives of people. We will look at extreme weathers including hurricanes, tornados, floods and lightning storms. 

During our ICT we are going to become film directors. We will use the technology of a green screen to create our own Robin Hood masterpieces. 

PSHE will give us the opportunity to discuss and celebrate 'Relationships' and how they affect our choices and decisions. 

Please ensure that you are reading with your child at least three times a week and recording this into their reading diary. Children should also be practising times tables regularly at home.

Tawny Owl class have been having fun using the Green Screen. We have enjoyed learning about Venus Fly Traps and Peregrine Falcons and have created our own documentaries explaining what we have learnt. Watch them below and let us know what you think! 

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