Helpful Hints for Home Learning

Below are a few suggestions to support you and your child with their learning at home.
Please do not hesitate to contact your child's class teacher if you are finding something a challenge. Teachers can be contacted on the blog or by emailing the office.
Top Tips for Home Learning
  • Complete tasks in short bursts e.g. 15 minutes on, 10 minutes off
  • Use rewards/rewards charts
  • Use positive language e.g. "If you do XXXXX, then you can do XXXX", this is more effective than "You can't have XXXXX, if you don't do XXXX"
  • Make learning practical and hands on
  • Change the setting if your child is struggling to concentrate
  • Use a timer (e.g. clock/mobile phone) to make the time scale visible 
  • Be honest with how much time (e.g. we have 5 minutes left, we will stop when the big hand reaches the XXX)
  • Use a variety of strategies; paper, practical, technology etc.
  • Share a daily timetable with your child
  • Try to vary topics/subjects (i.e. don’t spend all day on maths)
  • Provide choices for your child to choose between; i.e. Shall we do A or shall we do B first? 
Supporting Writing at Home 
Having spoken to a number of parents, we know that many children are finding the writing challenging.
If your child is finding the writing hard, it may be worth alternating. One day your child can do the writing, the next, your child can dictate their answers to you and you can type it on the blog. On these days focus on developing and expanding your child's vocabulary through discussion.
In order to ensure that your child is engaged during these sessions, they can become 'the teacher'. They have to check that everything you've written is correct. You could always miss a few capital letters or full stops or spell some tricky words incorrectly for them to spot! 

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